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One Week From Government Implosion.

Congressional leaders' efforts to hatch a massive spending deal have been thrown off course by the Trump administration's 11th-hour intervention, leaving the bipartisan bill teetering on the brink of collapse just a week before a government shutdown deadline.

Sean Spicer Called Out At Press Conference For Lying.

Trump’s resistance came to a head recently with the Tax Day March on April 15, when hundreds of thousands of Americans nationwide protested Trump in an effort to make his tax return secrecy as uncomfortable as possible for the White House. A reporter marked this occasion by destroying Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer to his face ...

Dems Show Major Signs of Momentum for 2018.

As Trump begins to slow down and evaluate there's one major thing standing in his way: The impending 2018 elections.

While in South Korea Pence Issues Controversial Foreign Policy Statement

With North Korean soldiers standing less than 100 feet behind him at the Korean Demilitarized Zone, Vice President Mike Pence told CNN that Pyongyang should understand that

John Oliver Explains “Stupid Watergate”

Still confused as to how all this happened? Don't worry John Oliver can explain in simple terms:

The White House’s Next Big Fight is Looming.

President Donald Trump’s most senior advisers will huddle next week to resolve long-simmering tensions over whether the United States should stay in the Paris climate change agreement, a major point of dispute between the moderate and nationalist wings of the White House, three administration officials told POLITICO. National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, Secretary of ...

Should Trump Be in Charge of Military?

President Donald Trump on Thursday praised the decision to drop a massive bunker-busting bomb in Afghanistan as an example of the “total authorization” he has given his military commanders.

Trump Publicly Stabs Bannon in the Back.

“I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late.” -Donald Trump The full quote went on to say: “I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late,” Trump told Goodwin. “I had already beaten all the senators ...

Spicer Apologizes Over “Hitler” Comments.

The statement immediately drew fire from Democrats, Jewish groups and Holocaust memorial institutions, who expressed dismay that Spicer would downplay Hitler’s actions by comparing them to the gas attacks allegedly ordered up by Syrian president Bashar Assad and by appearing to refer to concentration camps as a “Holocaust center.” “I mistakenly used an inappropriate, insensitive ...