GOP Passes HealthCare Bill

By the slimmest of margins, the House of Representatives passed the Republican plan to replace Obamacare Thursday afternoon, sending the measure to a skeptical Senate where it will be almost certain to take on a completely different form. Republicans passed the bill by a vote of 217 to 213, just one vote over the 216 needed.

Republicans had been working to piece together a GOP-only coalition of votes ever since their attempt to repeal and replace much of the Affordable Care Act failed nearly two months ago and came into the vote with just 21 votes to spare.

House Speaker Paul Ryan took to the floor ahead of the vote to argue that Obamacare was failing. “We can continue with the status quo or we can put this collapsing law behind us and end this failed experiment,” he said.

Democrats on the floor could be heard singing “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” to Republicans as the vote was gaveled. They think this will lead to a change in who holds majority in the House.


“This is a good day for the American people and the president of the United States. He personally engaged in a real way to make a difference,” said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C. before the vote. Meadows had been working his conservative members to agree to the measure as the vote neared. President Donald Trump threatened to run a primary against Meadows and fellow conservatives after the bill’s failure in March.

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