Congress Refuses to Stay Silent as Whitehouse Tries to Revive Trump’s Worst Plan Yet.

Trump’s been up to something rather unsurprising this last week-trying to revive the failed TrumpCare plan. His goal is to take another shot at congress, hoping the American public’s attention span won’t be able to stay on the topic of healthcare long enough to stop Trump two weeks in a row.

After a renewed bid by the White House to unite fractious Republicans around the bill, left for dead a week ago, briefly raised expectations that a deal was imminent. But by Tuesday afternoon, leaders of the polarized factions of the House GOP were no closer to agreement than they were when talks collapsed last month and delivered an embarrassing blow to Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan.

White House advisors said-off the record-that they don’t expect a deal anytime soon on health care. That’s despite direct entreaties from some of the White House’s heaviest hitters — Vice President Mike Pence, chief of staff Reince Priebus and budget director Mick Mulvaney — who are darting between the Capitol and the West Wing to meet with conservatives and centrists to test the chances for reviving the so-called American Health Care Act.

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