Rolling Stone Magazine: It’s Time To Speak Up About Trump.

Rolling Stone published an article entitled: Why It’s Time for Country Starts to Start Speaking Up About Trump.

The original article can be found here.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Won’t you stand up and use your voice?” implored Sugarland in “Stand Up,” a 2010 anthem about finding strength when “your hope has turned to dust.” But few country artists seem to heed that call today – at a time when it matters most. With the Trump administration committed to dismantling the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, relaxing climate-change regulations in the face of the warmest year on record and, most alarmingly, shrugging off the existence of quantifiable facts, it is imperative that country artists who oppose this frightening upside-down version of America speak up.

If you continue to support Trump and are at peace with your decision, feel free to stop reading. But if you oppose the policies (or lack thereof) of this unqualified president and remain silent? Your apathy would make Johnny Cash roll over in his grave.

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