Trump Voters Turn on Paul Ryan

Kathy Frankovic: “The latest Economist/YouGov Poll suggests that opinions of Ryan and the House Republicans, but not President Trump, have diminished after the GOP-majority House of Representatives failed to vote on the proposed health care legislation. And that loss of support comes almost entirely from Republicans and Trump voters — not Democrats. Last week, 59% of Republicans and 55% of Trump voters approved of the way Paul Ryan was handling his job as Speaker of the House. This week, approval dropped 12 points among both groups.

In fact, as of now, slightly more Trump voters disapprove of Ryan’s performance than approve.

Overall, Ryan’s job approval rating is negative: 49% of the public disapproves — nearly doubling those who approve. Meanwhile, there has been almost no change in how the public evaluates Donald Trump’s performance as President: 41% of the public approves; 47% disapproves. That is about the same as last week.” [YouGov]

A spike in negatives – HuffPost Pollster’s average gives Ryan an average net favorability rating of -11. Nearly 47 percent view him unfavorably, up from about 40 percent at the beginning of the year. [Paul Ryan chart]

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