Trump-Russia Scandal to Date

  1. […] Source: Trump-Russia Scandal to Date […]



  2. If there was a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, then this is criminal. Such conduct can only be cured by the Supreme Court’s Order , voiding the election and decreeing a new, special election. Otherwise , the crooks are left in power. That corrupt administration must go in its entirety!!



  3. Why are we not seeing some Congressmen pushing for some of the evidence linking Putin and Trump’s appointees in manipulating things to go their way w/o directly exposing the Soviets in outright malfeasance in purposefully tampering with US interests and damning evidence as to manipulation and risks to the Soviets getting caught in the wrong doing to benefit Russian leaders and fostering outright tampering for their personal gain into the affairs of the Government of the United States of America!!!



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